Welcome to All 4 the Gators & Joost Blog It

Whoever you are, wherever you are, wherever you came from…thank you for stopping by my tiny corner of the infinite cyber-verse we call the internet. It’s easy to take this incredible tool — as it is with most everything — for granted, but it’s truly a pleasure to have you visit my website (*even though I’m technically not here…shit, I guess technically I am here).

Correction: *even though I’m literally not here.

I interviewed former All-SEC running back Ciatrick Fason in June, 2014

I interviewed former All-SEC running back Ciatrick Fason in June, 2014

I only say this because creating this website opened an opportunity for me that I’ve dreamt of for a long time — to publish my opinions about Gator football for anyone, anywhere, to see. I made All4theGators almost two years ago, and within a month or so, I was able to begin writing blogs for 1010xl.com. And by May of 2014, I began writing for www.InAllKindsOfWeather.com

I still write for IAKOW and I’m overjoyed to know that at least a few hundred people (maybe) read my work. I think it’s awesome. In another time, not too long ago, I would have never been able to do something like that.

So now I’m going to use this domain (and probably redo this page a couple ‘a eight times) to expand my network and see just how far I can go. I’ll still be writing for IAKOW — this site will be where I upload pictures and write about things that have nothing to do with football. So, welcome to All4theGators.com, where there’s not a whole lot about the Gators going on.

Thanks again for visiting.

– Nick

3 thoughts on “Welcome to All 4 the Gators & Joost Blog It

  1. Nick, Parker told me about your site…so I had to check it out. Good stuff! This awesome and you are a talented writer. I wrote for UNF’ s paper..The Spinnaker when I was in college, so I know talent when I see it. Great job!!

    • That is really cool Mr. Bucky. I’m hoping/praying that I can get into UF journalism school but if I don’t get accepted my plan is to go to UNF and get my journalism degree. Alex Turko helped me get the job at 1010. He writes an FSU blog and he’s really good too. I hope that’ll help boost my résumé on my application.

      • It will definitely help. I know Frank Frangie and some of the boys over there…I will have to let them know. BTW..if the Vol’s start the freshman from Bartram Trail, we need to have some early blitz packages to rattle him.

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